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IRS Collection

Have you made an incomplete tax payment? At ALL TAX RESOLUTION, we can help you arrange a resolution.
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The IRS undertakes the collection of taxes from the taxpayers when the individual or entity did not pay at the specified period or have made an insufficient payment. These collection actions conducted by the IRS are intended to collect the taxes that the taxpayer still owe. The IRS sends bill information of how much you still need to pay, and they will continue to send this bill until the amount is fully satisfied or when the collection period expires.

We understand that having to deal with tax problems and issues with the IRS and states can be intimidating and difficult. For this reason, our team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents assist you in working out a strategy for the immediate relief of your IRS and States collection struggles.

If you’ve been receiving IRS notices and you need help in resolving the payments, contact us.