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Tax Lien Removal

Has the government made a legal claim on your property because of a failure to pay tax debts? At ALL TAX RESOLUTION, we help you undertake the process of removing tax lien.
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When an individual or corporate taxpayer fails to pay or complete the payment of their tax obligations, the IRS makes a claim on your property to preserve the government’s interests. This claim is called the tax lien. The federal tax lien occurs after the IRS conducts a thorough assessment of your liability and sends you the bill explaining how much you owe the government, after which, the taxpayer was unable to make the full payment on time. However, the IRS can remove the tax lien within 30 days after the tax debt has been fully paid. In the instances that the tax debt can provide a better opportunity for the government and the taxpayer, they will explore other options to reduce the impact of the lien.

At ALL TAX RESOLUTIONS, we recognize how difficult it is to resolve tax problems and IRS issues. Hence, our team of Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents work with you in arriving at the most immediate relief from these issues. We strategize in arriving at the most feasible solution with the highest amount of savings at the shortest possible time.

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